Perfume World

Perfume World, part of HTG is the largest independent perfume wholesaler in the Europe, active in all top perfume and cosmetics brands. We are able to deliver all main brands of perfume and cosmetics throughout the UK within 48 hours from our own inventory.

Perfume World's core activity is the ability to supply its customers every product in stock at affordable prices at any time. Perfueme World has more than 3000 products permanently in stock. This ensures the widest possible range for our customers, which means they are well able to implement long-tail strategies in their sales.

The combination of our investments in IT and logistics ensure that we can provide for all E-full-filament aspects of our customers. This also enables us to engage in digital interfacing with various IT systems, to better support our customers and to assist them with their logistical E-commerce issues.

Perfume World attaches great importance to sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. We are aware of the responsibilities we have towards the environment, customers, our social impact and economic grounds. Sustainability is an integral part of our existence and is inextricably linked to the wholesaler of the future.

A few examples:

  • All our package shipments are sent by DPD, CO2 Neutral.
  • We have robotized our warehouse, which makes the warehouse small and compact. Due to the efficient use of space, we also have to heat less and use less energy.
  • We offer our staff a safe workplace and we invest in training and good materials. For those who want to go a little further, we also provide a free gym subscription. This way we keep everyone fit and healthy.
  • We support sustainable initiatives that are taken in our community.
  • A paperless working environment is nothing new, it is the standard. If we do need paper, we naturally use FCS-certified paper.
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